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Fundación Mujeres y Tecnología ENIAC
Fundación Mujeres y Tecnología ENIAC

NOW YOU CAN! The future is full of opportunities and to take advantage of them in ENIAC we offer you the best education and training you can find

Training courses

ENIAC as a certified training center plans various courses and formative actions such as:

VET courses for unemployed peolple that ENIAC carries out depending on the different calls .


ENIAC has available for its clients professional certificates, subsidized training.


Our training courses are focused towards the following subjects: languages, business administration, environment and information and communication technologies.


The Fundación Mujeres y Tecnología ENIAC currently undertakes local, national and international projects all of which are related to its working areas. It is also plans and develops European projects on sustainability and environment, using information and communication technologies (ICT) as learning tools.

Other activities

ENIAC contributes to stimulate entrepreneurial culture through giving technical support to self employment initiatives, assisting and aiding business endeavors and establishing business networks.

Latest news

2 new Courses on Biosolaroof planned to start Abril 2015

Registration here!!!

To carry out an Urban laboratory focused in the observation of native ecosystems over green roofs "Sustainable Malaga"

New catalogue on-line courses.
Private education and training bonus

Who we are

Fundación Mujeres y Tecnología ENIAC, is an organization that was born to deliver professional advice, training and support to women, in two main areas in which they are largely undermined: the managerial and new technologies areas, always bearing in mind the gender and equal opportunities perspectives.

Mission statement

Fundación Mujeres y Tecnología ENIAC aims to become a leading organization promoting women’s labour insertion and their integration to the information society. In order to do this, ENIAC designs and plans its activities in order to encourage entrepreneurship, propel training and empowerment, while stimulating innovation and the use of new technologies as a learning device, helping to improve women’s quality of life and people’s in general. We would like to be recognized for our work in these areas, for our determination defending and upholding women’s values as entrepreneurs, carrying out actions and initiatives needed to be aware of women’s gender equality, eradicating any discriminatory difference.

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